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Learn outstanding startup skills for free in seven weeks and make new friends!

PunchOut.Tech - from Idea to MVP in seven weeks!


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People and companies have ideas. Every day. However, these ideas rarely survive the turn from theory into reality. Then composing an idea is just a creative use of time. How sad. Making reality better is so much more exciting than merely thinking about doing that. PunchOut.Tech changes that. 

Here companies and organizations post challenges to be solved with startup skills. Such as "How can we build a meta-chatbot to help our banking customers?" or "How do I figure out when a robot replaces my job in 21 minutes?" 

These partner companies are the challengers. 

Then there are the participants of the program: The players!
They are here to learn about Design Thinking, Lean Startup or Agile Practices. Everybody is allowed to join.


Program participation is free of charge.  

Players learn how to apply these techniques when taking an idea to an assumed product-market-fit.


PunchOut.Tech is directed towards becoming founders, pro-active employees of established organizations, students and everyone who wants to apply startup skills to problem-solving.

PunchOut.Tech takes seven weeks to complete.


There are two live workshops, 21 virtual exercises, and one glorious final event. In this final event, the challengers decide who solved the problem best and award a prize to the best performing team.
PunchOut.Tech is like a hackathon - but long enough to take a mere idea to a more realistic concept.

PunchOut.Tech is like a seed accelerator for startups - but based on real business problems and opportunities of the challengers.


PunchOut.Tech is like crowdsourced innovation platform - but actively managed by startup experts and hungry for vivid interaction with innovative participants.

Therefore PunchOut.Tech is sustainable, pragmatic and creative. ​We create new products, services, and initiatives. 

New friendships are encouraged. Challengers find new employees. Colleagues and team-mates learn to think agile. 


And at least one team of PO.T players will turn into a startup or new corporate department and will "punch out a tech product."

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